Bedouin in Furs
30 April / 6.30-7.30 PM

Cassette love letters

A conversational session on the condition of contemporary romance

Madhusree Dutta
18 April / 3-5PM

Metropolises are about Fear and Desire

As aggressive urbanisation becomes a global phenomenon in the 21st century, Madhusree Dutta, filmmaker and curator from India, talks about the essential characteristics of metropolitan cultures.

11 April / 3-4PM



Cultivating Hope: Dreaming and Making of Palestine

In Palestine, it is not possible to talk about cultural heritage restoration and development in isolation from the structural deficits under which such operations take place. If these conditions are obvious and are debilitating, then such heritage processes are not mere physical and non-physical interventions in space and time; rather, it can be seen only as modes of expression in a non-friendly environment, as a voice for the voiceless. If legal framework is not protecting heritage, and the political will is not encouraging, and the budgets allocated for cultural heritage are not comparable to the needs and struggles of Palestinian communities, then heritage actors, who think that culture and heritage are possible/possibilities, are condemned to failures and disappointments.
In spite of these debilitating circumstances, heritage actors still go about their everyday life as if things will change, as if things will definitely change. They live and practice hoping for alternatives, something like “an unintended error" to emerge, one of which is not failure, one of which is not disappointment.
Heritage processes in Palestine are therefore a political take on debilitating circumstances. The rationality of these actions is entrenched in the unquestioned possibility of failure. It is not an intended failure though; rather, it is an action that is possible in space and time and under Palestine special circumstances, and that encompasses all the possibilities of failure.

Vasl Artists’ Association
4 April / 3-4PM

Non-understandable Art and How to Understand It

An art collector and artists having drinks together: During this conversation, they explore the limitations and possibilities of contemporary Pakistani art through the lens of Vasl Artists' Association's programs and experiences. Using satire, the focus of this podcast lies on the production and consumption of art, in the context of various social and psychological power structures.
Artists and Speakers from Vasl Artists’ Association: Halima Sadia, Hira Khan
Guest speakers for the Podcast ‘Non-understandable Art and How to Understand It’: Emaan Mahmud (as Champa), Numair Abbasi (as the narrator)
*Champa  (Character)
A brilliant and beautiful art collector and socially conscious socialite. Champa is also the Co-founder of the Institute of Culture. She is the wife of a very rich man. Date of birth - unknown.

New media Society
28 March / 3-4PM

Radio Dust/ Dustopedia

Narrated by Arash Khosronejad / Bahar Ahmadifard - Produced by New Media Society - Tehran

Radio Dust attempts to follow parallel stories a portrait of the small Project space in the heart of Tehran and an ongoing project called Dustopedia, a collectively-curated encyclopedia. Along the way Bahar Ahmadifard takes us by the hand and will explain how she gets acquainted with the small institution, how she as a writer and photography critique got herself familiar with the Parking Video Archive and Moving Dust, a traveling video program touring in different cities Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, and Isfahan, while hearing fragments of the soundtracks of the films and videos in the program.
Besides we enjoy listening to various sound artists and musicians who collaborated with us in the past years. Carefully selected works by Ali Farzadi (Isfahan), Leonie Roessler(The Hague), Rahi Sinaki (Tehran/Vienna) and Kasra Pashaei (Tehran), who were invited to contribute to the podcast. This marks the start of a new chapter for Dustopedia.
On Radio Dust, we also listen to readings of a text by Nebras Hoveizavi on Dust in Mysticism, commissioned by Obieg Magazine - Poland.
Radio Dust is featuring Fragments of soundtracks from The Moving Dust, video programs by Jaleh Nessari, Arash Khosronejad, Anahita Hekmat, Nazgol Emami, Minou Iranpour, Amirali Mohebbinejad, and Aria Farajnejad. Additional sound materials and field recordings were provided by Nebras Hoveizavi and Amirali Ghasemi. Radio Dust is Edited by Amirali Ghasemi with special thanks to Raha Faridi for the kind feedback and the support.

For more information please look at

on New Media Society website:

Apart Collective
23 March / 3-4PM


Undone explores collectivity as a place for exchange information, art production, for building safe spaces, hospitality, and as a tool for finding alternatives and temporary autonomous zones in the age of late capitalism.

Enterprise projects
22 March / 3-4PM

Once Upon A Time
“Hansel and Gretel’’ a fairy-tale by the Grimm brothers is used as the starting point for an alternative narration around cookies and danger.

Nima Nabavi
21 March / 3-6PM

Music Request Dial-in
A three-hour special live session with homme fatal Nima Nabavi, during which songs are requested by the public on number 056 3299 918

Daphne Dragona

20 March / 3-4PM

Virtual assistants, caring robots and artificial companions
A podcast on how emerging technologies of care will shape tomorrow's everyday life. An attempt to imagine future ways of living, as well as future forms of coexistence between humans and machines.
Dragona’s podcast hosts, among others, sound excerpts of works by Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack, Kyriaki Goni, Rory Pilgrim, Pinar Yoldas, Liam Young and text excerpts by Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, Marc Böhlen & Terro Karppi and Carme Torras.

20 March / 2.45-3PM, 2018 (W4)

Guide, 2018
The sound piece Guide embodies an institutional voice that appears concerned for the well-being of the listener.

19 March / 3-4PM

Degrowth Urbanism
A recorded session on vacancy, shrinking cities, and alternative visions for spatial degrowth.Music from: Soft and Furious, Xylo-Ziko, Blue Dot Sessions, and Meavy Boy

Dr. Heather Eade
18 March / 3-4PM

Integrative medicine and wellness
A live advisory session on integrative medicine and wellness.