18 March
︎ 30 April,


Anastasia Douka, installation, 2019

OROBORO references ouroboros (the archetypal serpent eating its own tail) by staging a motorised looping belt that feeds ceramic items (bricks, plate, etc), produced by the artist, into a free fall. OROBORO is a cyclical function asserting the breaking point of a production line.

A Sea of Sound -Visual songs for the Ocean. (W4)

A screening program curated by Filipa Ramos.
From ancestral otherworldly rhymes to holographic pulsating rhythms of underwater life, A Sea of Sound brings together a series of artist’s films and videos that embrace our oceans through sound.

Juke Box (W1)

Browse through the archive of Rhodiola Radio Shows. (W5)

The website hosts commissioned texts and visuals, as well as
a radio player. The radio shows are uploaded and archived on after they are transmitted at Warehouse 90, Alserkal Avenue.


18 March
︎ 23 March,




Vitamin Service (W3)

During Art Week, Vitamin supplement cocktails will be served to visitors. The cocktails include Stress, High Performance, and Happiness;, and the recipes are concocted by 3 137 in collaboration with Irene Karouzaki and Dimitris Nikolalou.

Capsules (W3)

Christina Christodoulou, the designer behind sustainable fashion brand it’s a shirt, has created outfits for the people serving you Vitamin supplements.

18 March 10AM-10PM


Heather Eade

Integrative Medicine and Wellness (W3)

A live advisory session on integrative health, medicine, and wellness.

19 March



Degrowth Urbanism (W2)

A recorded session on vacancy, shrinking cities, and alternative visions for spatial de-growth

20 March


Raja’a Khalid

Guide, 2018 (W4)

The sound piece Guide embodies an institutional voice that appears concerned for the well-being of the listener.


Daphne Dragona

Virtual assistants, caring robots,and artificial companions (W2)

A podcast on how emerging technologies of care will shape tomorrow’s everyday life. An attempt to imagine future ways of living, as well as future forms of coexistence between humans and machines.

Dragona’s podcast hosts, among others, sound excerpts of works by Mediengruppe Bitinik, Kyriaki Goni, Rory Pilgrim and Liam Young and text excerpts by Maria Puig de la Belacasa, Taina Bucher, Mark Bohlen & Terro Karppi and Carme Torras.

21 March

11AM – 2PM

Eduardo Navarro

What is the point of being a turtle? (W4)

This workshop invites participants to disguise and perform as turtles. Through possessing an ‘invented’ turtle state, time is experienced through another perspective, slowing down one’s organism, and moving with the wind.

Guests are requested to bring a makeshift turtle shell, a lettuce, and a candle to meditate.


Nima Nabavi

Music Request Dial-in (W2)

A three-hour special live session with homme fatal Nima Nabavi, during which songs are requested by the public on number 0563299918.

22 March


Enterprise projects

Once Upon A Time (W2)

Hansel and Gretel, a fairy-tale by the Grimm brothers is used as the starting point for an alternative narration around cookies and danger.

23 March


Apart Collective

Undone (W2)

Undone explores collectivity as a place for exchange information, art production, for building safe spaces, hospitality, and as a tool for finding alternatives and temporary autonomous zones in the age of late capitalism.

︎ Screening
18-27 March

Karrabing Film Collective

Wutharr: Saltwater Dreams,

HD video, sound, 28’53’’

24 March – 30 April

28 March


New media Society

Dustopedia (W2)

Dustopedia (Ghobar-Nameh/ غبارنامه) is an encyclopedia with the capability for change, or the possibility of adding of new entries; archival/live entries of text, image, and film, toward various domains from scientific and ecological perspectives to rather abstract philosophical matters surrounding dust.

︎ Screening
28 March-10 April

Ben Russell


S16mm on video, sound, 23’33’’

4 April


Vasl Artists’ Association

Non-understandable Art and How to Understand It (W2)

The show is set in between a hypothetical situation of a fundraising dinner party where Vasl team members meet Champa, a socialite who supports art but at times, finds it challenging to understand contemporary art practices, and talk about their programs over drinks.

︎ Screening
11-21 April

Basim Magdy

No Shooting Stars,

Super 16mm and GIF animations transferred to Full HD, sound, 14’ 25’’

11 April



Cultivating Hope: Dreaming and Making of Palestine (W2)

RIWAQ’s work deals with a region greatly affected and fragmented by conflict. They see architectural restoration as a social and economic incubator and what they do is not just about preserving buildings, it is a way to revitalize Palestinian identity under occupation.

18 April


Madhursee Dutta

Seven Islands and A Metro, 2006, film, 96’ (W2)

This film is a tale of the cities of Bom Bahia/Bombay/Mumbai, through a tapestry of fiction, cinema verite, art objects, found footage, sound installation, and literary texts.

︎ Screening
22-30 April

Gerard Holthuis

Careless Reef Part 4,

35mm film transferred to HD video, color, sound, 13’ 00’’

25 April


Bedouin in Furs

Cassette love letters (W2)

A conversational session on the condition of contemporary romance.